Annual Mosquito Control!!!

Annual Mosquito Control!!!

Jan 31, 2024


John Mason

Mosquito Control

Jan - Mar: “Mosquitos will begin to become more active during this time, somewhat like coming out of a winter dormancy. This is the best time to put down any kind of preventatives that you might like as a favorite. One of our favorites is Malathion, we like to spray this over the yard in early March. We also like to add an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) during this spray which helps us to prevent insect growth for months to come and allows us to spray less and save money on an annual basis.” 

Apr -Jun: “Mosquitos are heavily active at this point in the year and need some pretty stout control to help them at bay. We recommend using deet free arial repellents for outdoor areas that will be attended heavily throughout the busy season. We typically like to pair that with something like (Spartan Mosquito Tech) which we place around outside of the area we want to be. Further helping to keep mosquitos down. Something that we don’t practice heavily but do recommend buying a quality fogger, running something like (Mosquito Mist Ultra).”

Jul - Sep: “At this point if we’ve not followed the preventative steps to control mosquitos you run the risk  of having entire outdoor areas becoming no longer capable of housing any kind of event. Sometimes just walking through the yard this time of year can spell taking 10+ bites. This time of the year it's critical to make sure that we are doing our best to eliminate any stagnate standing water (Fountains, Drains, Shallow shaded water, ect..). Keeping up your existing work is important, like replacing Spartan Mosquito Tech tubs, applying another round of spray, and re-upping any repellents you might have.”

Oct - Dec: “Finally the time of year where God’s nature starts to take insect control into its own hands. Clean up like, taking down old traps or re-grading low areas that were holding water the prior season. Putting on an application of Bifenthrin granules this time of year tends to help for the next season as well.”

Product Recap:

1- Malathion: general insecticide, lawn spray, multiple spray applications.

2- IGR: insect growth regulator, lasts approx. 4 months, saves money in the long run.

3- Spartan Pro Tech: mosquito poison, attractant, to be kept away from outdoor areas of use.

4- Mosquito Ultra Mist: fogger application, for heavily used outdoor areas and heavily infested areas.

5- Bifenthrin Granules: total insecticide, granular application through spreader. 

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