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"You've gotta work for it"

Agri Products

Agri Products is a business built on the well being of those we call our customers. Here we are always in pursuit of what will make our customers succeed! We seek to provid professional help and information to allow you to help better run your home, ranch, or business. We Love our community and have had the honor of doing business in the Ardmore area for over 20 years. We won't be stopping any time soon, and we thank each and every one of your support and business!


This is an excellent store for anyone looking for a down-home, farm and agricultural store in which to find products that you might find on a farm, or that Grandpa, or grandpa might have had. Knowledgeable staff. There are a number of organic products that are sold there that you cannot find an other locations. Pricing is excellent. An excellent location to look for specialized insecticides that are used by exterminators themselves. Some of which are not harmful to pets. I would recommend going in talking to them if you have any Farm and Home needs.

Brian, CrossValued Customer

Great place for any animal, yard, farm supplies, sprays,

Becky, HollisValued Customer

Amazing customer service. I walked in right at closing and the gentleman behind the counter still took the time to answer my questions and guide me through the steps.

Ryan, MasseyValued Customer

I asked them to repair my riding mower. The mechanic recommended several part replacements but I asked only for a starter repair, which they happily did. Less than a week later I had to have the other recommended parts replaced and took it back.
This is my forever mower place!

Jon, MentzerValued Customer