Top 5 2024 Lawn Care Tips!!!

Top 5 2024 Lawn Care Tips!!!

Jan 04, 2024


John Mason

!Top 5 Tips for Your Lawn this Year!

Agri Products wants you to have the lawn of your dreams this year! Looking for something that will make your neighbors ohh and ahh. You're in the right place, we have some tips for you to make that look become a reality! 

Tip #1 - Water!

If you're anything like me you’ll know that when summer hits things dry up! Most of us don’t even think about watering our lawns throughout the year. If we do it's usually followed up by the thought of how high our water bill is going to be. Sometimes though it’s not good enough to just rely on the natural rian that your lawn may or may not get through the year. This is where you come into play! Take the time to water your lawn whether with a sprinkler system (if you have one) or even if you just have to get out there and pick up the end of the hose and water the lawn by hand. Any water is better than no water, the majority of July and August are spent killing grass rather than growing grass. There are many people each year that would have escaped large bills for foundation work if they would’ve just watered their lawn when it was hot and dry. The goal is to be consistent, if your lawn gets 18” of rain during the spring and early summer. Try atleast make sure your lawn is getting another 9” during the summer. Keep your lawn watered and you just might find that your lawn maintenance bill will decrease in the long run.

Tip #2 - Nitrogen!

Unless you’ve chosen to live under a rock since you were born, you would have heard of fertilizing your lawn. The problem that most of us have is what type and how much. This is the category of lawn care that, if your not careful you’ll wind up looking back in the fall and realizing you spent a cheap car’s worth of money on and didn’t get the results you were looking for. Allow me to make a blanket statement that isn’t perfectly true for anyone but is acceptable for everyone, “if you will just focus of giving your lawn the correct amount of nitrogen and even ample nitrogen from time to time throughout the year, you will find your lawn will suffer less from weeds and look greener than if you would’ve used herbicides and supplements.” It’s also half the work, time, and money! Pair putting down nitrogen with around a 2” rain in the forecast and you’ll be visibly seeing results within 2 weeks. You’ll also be seeing results that will last for a long time. Yards that are given the correct amount of nitrogen and given enough water throughout the spring will outlast just about any other yard when the summer heat hits! 

Tip #3 - Sunlight!

Again a topic that most people don’t talk about or think about when it comes to lawn care! We get so many people asking us each year why they can’t get seed to grow or why they have so many problems with bare patches in their lawn. Truth is most of these people are trying to grow warm season grass under trees that are heavily shaded. Investing in a good pole saw that you will take care of and keep good maintenance on will really help to make your lawn shine this year! We recommend the STIHL: HTA-86 10” ( Use our code: TRIM at checkout to save 5% OFF! Giving your lawn the sun that it needs is what will put all your other hard work into motion. It allows your lawn to grow and become healthy. 

Tip #4 - Consistency! 

We all have busy lives and often it’s easy to allow other things to take priority over the health and care of your lawn. If you use a planner it's a great idea to schedule in waterings, fertilizer periods, and mowing times so that way your lawn receives consistent care throughout the year. Dumping a bunch on your lawn all at once and leaving it hanging will only hurt your lawn more, our goal is to be consistent and minimal to allow your lawn to become more self sufficient. The more consistent you are now the less money and work you will have to put in later. Using things like rain meters will help to tell you when you need to water. Set goals for keeping your lawn within 2-¾” to 3-½ “ all throughout the year and mow accordingly. 

Tip #5 - Grub Control!

Have you ever struggled with moles or gophers in your yard? Or maybe you’ve walked in your yard and noticed that it’s a little too spongy given the amount of water it hasn’t had! Well these all might be pointing you in the direction of grubs. Grubs are not good for your lawn, they feed on the lush nutrient roots of your grass! Your lawn is feeding ground for grubs all over the neighborhood. They’re some creatures that definitely know when the grass is actually greener on the other side! When this begins to happen one of the major issues that you will begin to face is that your lawn will become inefficient at processing nutrients and performing photosynthesis. You will be putting in x2 the work but only getting subpar results and not have a clue as to why. Grubs are good forage for wildlife and they definitely attract their fair share of critters. The main issue is rapid lawn deterioration, grubs can ruin your lawn within a year. The best way to get rid of grubs and to keep the population down over time is to do periodic pesticide applications specifically meant for grubs. There are many products on the market for this issue, some of the few that we recommend are (BioAdvanced season long grub control & Hi-Yield grub free zone II) these products will help to keep your lawn free from grubs. Remember a grub free lawn is one that is green, healthy, and on its way to making your neighbors very jealous.   

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