What is my Warranty?

1 Year Residential. 3 Month Commercial.

What gas do I use in my STIHL equipment?

A 50/1 mix is needed! That would be 50 parts Unleaded gas to 1 part 2 cycle oil.

How long do STIHL batteries last?

AK line lasts aprox. 40 min. AS line lasts aprox. 30 min. AP line lasts aprox. 50 min.

What is the average lifespan of STIHL gas & battery powered units?

The average lifespan of gas operated systems when maintained properly is 9+ years. The average lifespan of battery operated systems when cleaned properly and the battery is stored correctly is 5+ years.

What is the return policy on STIHL products at Agri Products?

Once a unit is purchased. You are no longer able to return that unit and all STIHL purchases at Agri Products are final.

What Agri Products offers you!

Certified Stihl Tech's

Agri Products is a certified Stihl small engine shop.

Certified Parts Dealer

Agri Products is a certified Stihl parts dealer, that seeks to serve and take care of all your parts needs!

Certified Stihl equipment Dealer

Agri Products is a certified Stihl equipment dealer providing all of Stihls most cutting-edge technology and designs.